Stata Project

Students should form groups of at most 5 components and choose (together with the instructor) one of the topics. Students may also suggest to the instructor a topic not included in the list.

List of topics

  • Corruption and economic development

  • To what extent does corruption hinder economic development?
  • Economic development and corruption

  • To what extent does economic development explain the level of corruption?
    • For the two topics above, see:

  • Do the colonial origins of former colonies explain their level of economic development today?

Execution of the project

Students should:
  • Autonomously form groups of up to five components.

  • Meet the instructor to agree on a topic for their project.

  • Acquire the data-set (the same that will be used in Stata Lab 1 and 2) and familiarize with it.

  • Write a paper which, to be divided into two parts:
    • Part I

The first part will have an abstract, an introduction containing a short review of the literature, a data section describing the data and presenting a descriptive analysis of the data, and a bibliography. Citations will have to follow the Chicago Manual of Style ("author-date" system)
Students will also have to turn in the ".do" file which produces all results of the first part of the paper.
The instructor will communicate the date when the first part of the paper is due.
    • Part II

The complete paper, to be turned in after the end of the course, will also contain a section presenting and discussing the results, a final concluding section, and an updated bibliography.
Students will also have to turn in the ".do" file which produces all results presented in the paper.